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Flip Book

Ideal shutter flip book is a multipurpose solution to help you display your content to users in the most professional appearance. It is optimized for online catalogues, magazines (e-zines) and e-books.

Aided with smart guidance, beginner users can easily adapt to ideal shutter flip book simple and natural interface.

With Adobe Flash becoming one of the most advanced tools for online applications while being supported on almost every browser, we sense the great demand of incorporating smart document e-viewing through the aid of Flash.

With your ideal shutter flip book magazine, catalogue, or book, users are able to flip pages naturally just like they would do with a real book. By dragging any of the 4 page corners to the opposite location, appropriate pages are revealed. This is a new intelligent way of interacting with information which will definitely impress your visitors. It is often times burdensome to attach a magazine in the form of a PDF document or image files on your website since the user will have to download a large file size although the user may only be interested in reading specific pages.

Within the pages of your ideal shutter flip book, you may have text, images, video, animation, or even flash-based interactive applications. Certain media can be selected per page. Your ideal shutter flip book can then be incorporated into your website, or embedded on a CD.


1- Our customly developed flipping engine gives you a very realistic hands-on experience of flipping a paper-book by simply dragging any of the four page corners, which is equipped with this engine. With natural paper behavior, and natural page reflections and shadows, this technology will give your ebook a great wow effect.

2- Everyone prefers their own navigation means. We have included several navigation methods for your users to use what they are comfortable with the most. Examples of such methods are: numbered page buttons, next and previous page buttons, fast next and fast previous buttons (10 pages ahead or back), right click menu, page-number text input, and double clicking page corners.

3- As our newest invention of navigation, we provide a new innovative way to flip through a book quickly, just the same way you would be flicking through a book with your thumb, scanning the pages for a picture or to reach a certain page number. A horizontal slider bar allows you to drag its head, flipping quickly through pages of the book. Make sure to check our demo!

4- As one of our newest features, flash-ebook users can now enlarge any page of the ebook to a scale comfortable to their eye. By holding the center of the page and dragging downwards, the page is enlarged to the scale you desire. Not just that, but the quality and resolution of the page content is enhanced and made more readable, by loading a better version of the page content.

5- For sure you'd like your visitors to know how your ebook is disected. As an essential feature, a dropdown menu allows your user to view the contents of your website and jump to that chapter.

6- Give your users a natural feel by hearing realistic paper sound effects, such as paper flicking and flipping.

7- There is no need for server-script support at your server end. All flash-ebook files are front-end based, consisting of html, javascript, and flash files. You are free to put your ebook behind a firewall to generate revenue from subscribed users or free to modify the html page in any way you desire.

unique features of Ideal Shutter Flip Book

Multiple books support
A complete multi-level Summary
A Login feature (to limit the access to your books)
Zoom feature with separate source files for each page
A standalone version (win&mac) and the swc
Area modules
Videos with YouTube support
Deep Linking
Quick books definition mode
...and a very usable interface