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What is Panorama?

A panorama is any wide-angle view or representation of a physical space, whether in painting, drawing, photography, film/video, or a three-dimensional model.

Virtual tours have become a truly indispensable tool for creating dynamic websites, especially those that are specific tourist destinations, hotels, resorts, real estate, buildings, sites and more.

A virtual tour enables you to view a room in a full 360 degrees horizontally and 180 degrees vertically. To put it simply it gives you a complete virtual reality from the point of shooting.

Unlike the photo which you can only view in the frame in what it was photographed, by using virtual tours you can view all space in all directions. It is possible, therefore, a virtual walk through the entire interior or exterior, and thus gain a very convincing impression of space, which you want to introduce.

Therefore virtual tours are interesting marketing product to our customers who want to introduce them in a better way to its their potential users or customers.

So we are pleased that we can offer you our services for creating high quality virtual tours, because our goal is to create a best quality professional virtual tours so that your potential customers can see you as you are Excellent.

To illustrate the importance, attractiveness and significant increase in visits to sites that have 3Dpanorame or virtual tours we have selected some facts transferred from the world media and specialized sites for such or similar virtual tours.

"60% of internet users use features of virtual tours ".

"Since 2004, when 2 million users visited virtual tours, by 2011 has grown to over 17 million virtual tours on the internet per day".

"98.2% of travelers (tourists) use the Internet when planning your trip or visit."
"By statistics web site with virtual tours and interactive content are visited around 43% more than sites without such content"

Ideal shutter maximizes the potential of your sites in relation to competition:
Interactivity and the ability upgrade lift your web site to an incredible level, it is possible to continuously add new content in all digital forms, virtual tours as they gives you complete virtual reality of your site.

Ideal shutter is easy to use for each user ("user friendly").

Particularly important is the ease of use, where it is not necessary to have any technical knowledge, but only a basic knowledge of using PC (mouse and / or keyboard) and internet browser.


Individually designed user interface for every client
For every client we make special designed user interface (menus, icons, loaders and all other graphical elements.

Flash Flip Book Catalog
We integrate high quality flipbook catalog with great features like one click zooming, downloading catalog in PDF, printing catalog directly from virtual tour, slideshow, …

Interactive moving parts
We can make interactive moving parts in virtual tour like opening a car hood, or make movable some interesting parts in your virtual tour.

2D/3D positioned sound samples and effect
3D positioned sound is very important and adds additional impression how some interior or exterior sounds. We can even make some objects make sound.

Video samples
2D/3D positioned video samples (video spots, ads, youtube video, …) can be implemented on objects in virtual tour or on user interface.

Automatic and Audio guides
We can also implement automatic guides wich walks you trough virtual tour and highlight some interesting parts of your interior/exterior. In addition it is possible to make audio guides which together walks and talks you trough virtual tour.

Photo Galleries
Photo gallery can be integrated to any info point in virtual tour or on user interface. Every photograph can have description.

Animated 3D positioned info points with textual and photo descriptions
Animated info points like icons positioned in virtual tour can call text/photo descriptions of some parts or object in virtual tour.

Contact Forms
We can integrade contact forms so end user can send questions/enquiry directly to your e-mail address. Fields can be customized.

Booking forms
For hotels, restaurants, we can make booking forms so end user can send enquiry for room or table resevation.

Quick Selector
Quick selector allows you fast and simple switching between virtual panoramas in virtual tour.

Floorplans gives you great and complete overview over your interior/exterior and like in Quick Selector you can easly switch between virtual panoramas in your virtual tour.

iOS and Android compatible
Our virtual tours can be viewable on devices which use iOS (iPhone) and android operating system.

HDR virtual tour
We make HDR (High Dynamic Range) virtual tours which adds new dimension and professional look to virtual tours.