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Object VR

Object VR (virtual reality) movies are the result of a series of images taken of a subject from multiple angles and positions. To create an object movie, simply import an image series (a single row or multiple rows) and then export the movie as Flash and HTML5 formats to display on websites, kiosks and mobile devices.

One of the more exciting aspects of creating interactive content for the web is virtual reality (VR) photography. Two methods are used extensively today to bring viewers into a virtual environment and give them control over what and how they see – panoramic VR and object VR. Panoramic VR allows viewers to interact on screen within a location or scene, looking outward in all directions. Object VR allows viewers the ability to look inward at an object, and to essentially rotate and view it from any angle.


Object VR lets you create single or multi-row object images
displays an object in different variants.
add animations and sound effects
link hotspots to information windows
download and online viewing capability